Katherine’s Fashion Week Picks: Edun Fall 2012

I’ve been a big fan of Edun for quite some time now, as some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe are from the line.  Their Fall 2012 collection was marked by great silhouettes and strong bold colours.

NOWNESS- Edun: Storytellers and Liars

What a great way to start this Monday morning, with Edun and Champagne Valentine's collaborative interactive lookbook.  We've been such fans of Edun here at KK camp, and absolutely LOVE the watercolored patterns over the images of the models with the clothing.

Read the fascinating interview behind the video on NOWNESS!

We definitely hit “LOVE” on this one.


Fashion Week is hectic and exhausting—even if your front-row seat is your Tumblr dashboard. But it’s also fun, and whenever it’s over, we feel a sense of, “Well, what now?” So, to keep you (and us) entertained throughout the year, we compiled a list (alphabetized, NBD) of fashion…

We’re so honored to be on this list!  We love Of a Kind and the 45 other designers they’ve featured.  ;)

Click through for the full list. 

Absolutely love these Edun FW11 Collection looks

Absolutely love these Edun FW11 Collection looks

Katherine’s Favorite Things: Edun Lace Top

This lace top is from Edun, which I got in London.  My first purchase from the brand.  When I wore it to a Tom Ford event he actually went up to me and told me “Very chic!”.  I will always remember that and love this top!

- Katherine

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